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Ad Tech’s Future From An Outsider’s Perspective, A Quick Look At @criteo

Previously posted on Linkedin. Andrew Frank, Research VP & Distinguished Analyst at Gartner, defines the Ad Tech industry as all technology that supports digital advertising activities. Of course, this is a general approach for a vast and complex industry, so I decided … Continue reading

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How I became a fan

It’s already one year since I found out about strikingly, that is much more than just a website builder. You just need to have a brief look at it to realize that what you have in front of you is … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on crowdfunding after getting to know @FundedByMe

Previously posted on Medium. Is Crowdfunding “more human” than Venture Capital? I don’t know, but obviously that’s crowdfunding companies’ attraction, the power of the crowd. It is undeniable that these companies give to the people what they want, the desire … Continue reading

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Pros and cons of the Advice and Consent

Artículo publicado previamente en We Learn Today The US Constitution provides that “the Senate advise and consent on key executive and judicial appointments and on the ratification of treaties” (Article II, Sec. 2, cl. 2). What’s the advice and consent? … Continue reading

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