How I became a fan

It’s already one year since I found out about strikingly, that is much more than just a website builder. You just need to have a brief look at it to realize that what you have in front of you is really a great product. Furtheron, you decide to give it a try and discover something others have already taken advantage of. The next step you are most likely to do, is to sign up. But wait, why am I talking about this? Well, one year ago I decided to take the plunge to bring my mother’s business into the online world. The constant business growth in the Internet makes a corporate presence necessary, whether you are a small (as it is the case), medium or big company. I don’t presume that not selling online means already the extinction of a company (at least in short-term) but it’s undeniable that people spend most of the day surfing through the web so, shouldn’t companies at least try to get their attention?

Bridging the Digital Divide

And here is the root of most problems, the digital divide. I have some practice using Blogger or WordPress but I could never build such a professional website myself. Needless to say, I would never be able to do it within minutes. But with strikingly you can. It’s not just a cool motto (“gorgeous, mobile-friendly websites in minutes”). I’m 24 years old, so I grew up with the Internet. If it’s already difficult for me to create a simple website, how difficult is it for older generations and traditional business owners? This is exactly what strikingly is about, bringing websites for everyone.


Strikingly websites are mobile-friendly! In today’s mobile world having a mobile-friendly site is crucial, check out what Google says.

Focusing on Feedback

That said so far, I’ll tell you what I really like about strikingly. It’s team. They know how to engage users and make them become fans. Feedback is what matters. They develop with and for users and I think that’s the key of their success.

In case you are not convinced or you already have a site on your own, you may still want to take a look. You’ll be inspired.

About Francisco José Hidalgo-Barquero

Asesor de Fusiones y Adquisiciones. Consultor de Negocio.
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